‘Frankie & Johnny’ Do Fremont

Kirby Lindsay, editor of Fremocentrist, wrote a detailed piece on Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune in her article ‘Frankie & Johnny’ Do Fremont.

After a recent rehearsal, she interviewed actors Meredith Binder and Greg LoProto as well as director Roy Arauz. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Arauz has extensive experience staging huge, classic productions, and described his work as director on ‘Frankie & Johnny’ as “very intense. It’s as intense as directing a production of ‘Annie’ with thirty people.” Along with the actors, he had to find key moments in the play, and ways to underscore them among all the words and movement (and food.) Ultimately, he admitted, directing this smaller work took as much time as a large production.

Read Lindsay’s full article ‘Frankie & Johnny’ Do Fremont.

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