The Other Side of the Table: Doing My Part

The last couple of posts focused on what I would like to see actors do at auditions and callbacks. I also have heard from actors what they like and don’t like from auditions and callbacks. So here is what I commit to doing:

Stay on Schedule

Let me start by saying that I like people to respect my time, and in turn I respect theirs. Nothing is more irritating that showing up for an appointment on time and having to wait to be seen. One of the things that transitioned with me from stage manager to director is scheduling and keeping time.

I will observe audition times as closely as possible. Yes, on occasion an audition might fall a bit behind schedule, if so, I will work as hard as I can to get us back on track.

If you are called back, you will be seen and read equitably with everyone else called for the same role. Once I have seen what I need, I will let you go. I hear so many stories of people called to read for a part, only to wait for a long time, read once, and then be dismissed; even worse, not being read at all. I will make use of your time effectively. Most of the time.


I believe in communicating as much information as possible from the very beginning. Audition times, length and requirements will be readily posted; rehearsal times, dates, and locations will be provided at auditions; compensation will be clearly explained; any and all questions and/or concerns will be addressed in a timely manner.

You will always hear back from a production I’m involved in, whether you are called back or not, and whether you are cast or not.  Callback calls usually occur within 24 hours; calling back with parts can take up to a week. I know actors hate to wait around, alas sometimes it takes that long to get it all sorted out.

As director, I will always answer your questions and give you honest feedback if requested. Be ready for the truth if you ask.

Open Mind

As much as possible, I will keep an open mind during auditions and callbacks. If a part is listed as open, you can trust it is open. Being my friend does not mean you will get the role, as my friends that did not get cast in my shows can attest. My goal is to have a cohesive cast, and sometimes that means that even if you are fantastic, someone else is better for this one part this one time.


I will treat you with courtesy and respect. I am grateful that actors want to work with me, be a part of the production I’m doing. This includes the time before, during, and after the audition/callback process.

I will strive to stay true to these items, and if/when I don’t, do call me on it. Sometimes we lose sight of what and who we are and a swift kick in the rear is what we need.

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