I Am Visiting NYC and DC

This week I embark on my semi-regular trip back to the east coast to visit family, framily, and friends. While most of the time will be spent catching up with them, I would also like to get to see some theatre or dance.

Obviously there are the “easy” choices. Broadway, the promised land. The big shows in the big houses in DC. However, what I would really like to see is the stuff that is making waves locally, yet we don’t hear about all the way in the Pacific Northwest. Shows that I’m not likely to see on tour. Festivals, small productions, experimental stuff. I would love to find a show that I could eventually produce in Seattle.

I am finding that it’s a bit of a challenge to find these productions, and even when I do, it’s difficult to tell if they are any good. So if you’re reading this and now of any shows I should be seeing whilst in Washington DC (9/9-9/14) of New York City (9/15-9/18) leave a comment below (a link would be helpful) or send me a note.

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