Making a Change

Sometimes you’ve got to look at what you’ve got with a critical eye and make a tough decision.

I have been intrigued by La Segua since I was a growing up in Costa Rica. I had always been drawn to the folk tale, which translated into a fascination with the play. I was too young to see the original – and only – production, and for whatever reason I didn’t get around to seeing the movie. My infatuation grew with time, and it became one of my goals to share this Costarican tale with American audiences. There is no English translation of La Segua, so I set out to translate the play myself.

The translation process brought me closer to the play than ever, and I realized that a direct translation would not work for the current sensibilities of an American audience. The amount of work and adaptation that needs to go into it extends beyond the translation. While I was mindful of the legacy of don Alberto Cañas and respectful of his vision, the truth is that the play has to be marketable and accessible. When I put it on stage, I want it to be something I believe in. If it’s a flop it’s a flop, and so be it. I don’t want to just throw it out there because I want to do it, and not have a show I feel is solid and ready to be seen.

For now, La Segua is on hiatus. I will continue to develop the script, finding a playwright to help me get it just right. There will be a reading of the current play as it is to give us an idea of what we have. It is different for me when I see to a play rather than just read it. Keep your eyes open for the reading of La Segua sometime in the spring of 2012, I would love your feedback.

In it’s place will be another one of the plays that shaped my appreciation for theatre as a youth. We have a space, we have a play, and we have a director. Stay tuned, there will be full announcement next week.

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