What’s Next

After reassessing the play originally planned for the spring of 2012, it was decided to move up the production originally planned for the spring of 2013.

The House of Bernarda Alba, by Federico García Lorca, directed by Charles Waxberg, will play at The Ballard Underground from May 4 through the 19th, 2012. Auditions will take place in late February, 2012.

Lorca’s final masterpiece, The House of Bernarda Alba, centers on Bernarda as she tyrannically rules over her house and five daughters, cruelly crushing their hopes and needs. The play explores themes of suppressed sexuality, passion, and the oppression of women.

The idea that love will find a way, regardless of the restrictions put upon it, is timeless. Having seen the play several times and two magnificent dance productions years ago in Costa Rica, and seeing that it hasn’t been produced, to my knowledge, in the Seattle area for a very long time made it a natural choice for me. The next decision was who would direct? As much appreciation as I have for the play, I knew it needed the touch of a master. I am ecstatic that Charles Waxberg, my friend and mentor, agreed to direct with me as his assistant.

So now on to finalize the license agreement, raise some money, and put on a show!

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