Why You Should Support The House Of Bernarda Alba

Hey! It’s John. I don’t normally post on the Arouet website, and this is the first time I’ve posted here without letting Roy know about it first. Sorry, Roy. It’s a sneak attack of loving support from someone with admin rights!

To anybody that knows Roy, it is no surprise that he is dedicated to theatre. His commitment to bringing The House Of Bernarda Alba to Seattle is unparalleled. Right now, right this second, Roy is working like crazy on Kickstarter to raise funds for The House Of Bernarda Alba.

The problem I have with this process is that to you, this just like another polished pitch. Even Roy’s closest friends and supporters don’t get to see the “behind the scenes” passion that Roy carries with him day and night.

It wasn’t until we were finishing up the second video where I clearly saw his determination to get things as close to perfect as possible. Even though I am a complete hack at making little iMovies, Roy’s eye for detail is sharp and he will only accept the best. Until he is 100% satisfied, he isn’t done.

And I started thinking, isn’t that exactly why you should help fund this show?

Go to Arouet’s Kickstarter page and contribute! The House Of Bernarda Alba will be in the best of hands.

[box]J.S. Epperson is the sound designer for The Gene Pool and Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune. He has previously created sound and voice over work for Arouet, Arts West, Redwood Theatre and Theatre 9/12. You can read a clever paragraph or two about Epperson over on his website. Read some fabulously nerdy blog posts at Arouet.[/box]

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