From the Director of Bernarda Alba

There are so many reasons I wanted to direct The House of Bernarda Alba.

First, it’s a classic play that still resonates today with modern relevance.

Second, Lorca scares me. His work is so fiercely passionate, it’s physically and emotionally exhausting for the actor and by proxy, the director. Taking actors to the depth of that emotion is a challenge as well as a responsibility. I cannot ask my actors to “go anywhere” I’m not willing and able to go with them.

Third, on a more personal level, I met Roy when I first came to Seattle as he was my stage manager for the second show I directed here. He always had the love, talent, and passion for the theatre, but he had yet to commit his devotion. Arouet is a company that evolved through his evolution. I beam with pride at his accomplishments and am honored he entrusts me for this important project.

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