Review Round-up

A compilation of the reviews for The House of Bernarda Alba.

“This production makes the most of the play’s opportunities for arresting tableaux and lyrical dramatic action. […] Ruth McRee’s dynamic performance as Bernarda is memorable. […] With support from an accomplished cast, she wields her spell over everyone, reminding us that tyranny exists on many levels.”

In local staging of ‘Bernarda Alba,’ tyranny begins at home.
Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times.

The all-but-flawless Arouet production of The House of Bernarda Alba puts theory into practice with Lorca done right. […] Director Charles Waxberg understands this and lets the play leap into the symbolic at key moments that turn the satisfying into the sublime. […] The cast is solid across the board. This is a real ensemble piece for Bernarda, her maid (the charming Mary Murfin Bayley), mother and five daughters.”

Arouet’s House of Bernarda Alba is Lorca Done Right
StefanDW, The SunBreak

“… the acting was strong in The House of Bernarda Alba and aided by the confident direction, this is a production I can recommend for serious fans of classic theater.”

Arouet’s “The House of Bernarda Alba” is Well Worth aTrip to Ballard
Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

Audience Reactions

We have been close to selling out most of the run, and last Saturday was the first official sold-out performance of the run, and closing weekend looks like a hot ticket. Audiences are impressed by the talent on our stage and the strength of the play. A few of the post-show comments:

“You captured the spirit of the play, I forgot I was watching it in English.”

“It was a pleasure to watch–some great stuff!”

“I’m continuingly impressed by your productions. Bravo!”

“I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to know more about their lives.”

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