Lawfully Wedded

New plays about marriage. Or not.

Conceived by Daniel Cords
Written by: Greg Bee (poet), Perry Fulfs (musician), Caitlin Gilman (playwright), and Morgan Ludlow (playwright)
Directed by: Roy Arauz, Everett Bowling, and Christine Mosere
Featuring: Jeremy Behrens, Alysha Curry, Bruce Erickson, Addie Keller, Idalia Limon, and Eric Olson. For full profiles, visit The Cast and Crew of Lawfully Wedded.

What is love? What is marriage? What does it all mean? People have widely differing views, and that is the subject we explore in this collaborative piece. Through personal interviews, theatre, poetry, and music we will explore the topic and challenge your preconceived notions. This collaborative production is sure to speak to your heart! Don’t miss this thought provoking and relevant production.

Lawfully Wedded is sponsored by Purr Cocktail Lounge
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Lawfully Wedded is presented as part of Arts Crush, the month-long arts festival in the Puget Sound area.
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