An Actor’s Voice

It’s interesting, I have always believed in marriage equality but doing this piece has opened my eyes even wider. It’s the compilation of all the different reasons for allowing marriage for everyone, put into a 70 minute piece and laid out right in front of you that just makes a crystal clear picture. I think everyone is going to benefit that watches this show, it is going to educate with a mixture of hilarity and gut wrenching moments.

The piece that really grabs at my heartstrings for marriage equality is Sign Here. It is also going to be the most challenging piece for me to perform because of how honest, real, and unfair the scenario is that we’re delving into over rights of a straight couple vs. rights (as of now) of a gay/lesbian couple. I want to be able to portray the inequality and the injustice and I want more than anything to make people see the characters’ and realize this isn’t just this character going through this but this is really happening and needs to change, we are all humans with feelings and should be treated as such!

Overall, I want people to walk away from the show and go to a ballot and vote for human equality. Regardless, if they support gays and lesbians this is a bigger picture; I want to show we as humans are evolving and understand empathy and kindness and peace for everyone regardless of race, sexuality or beliefs—the passing of Ref. 74 is a part of that evolution towards complete humanity.

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