The Temperamentals Review Round-up

Seattle critics praise The Temperamentals.

Misha Berson of the Seattle Times

“… a sturdy, engaging staging by Arouet Productions, under Roy Arauz’s direction, the briskly paced docudrama clicks because it is a character-driven love story […] Arauz keeps the story in cogent, sensitive motion on the tiny Ballard Underground stage, and the cast is solid throughout, especially the well-matched Draper and Wood.” Read the full review.

Omar Willey of The Seattle Star

“Mr. Marans interleaves … themes of individual love, collective responsibility and political awareness quite expertly. […] Director Roy Arauz has an impeccable sense of exactly what this play means.[…] It helps, of course, that he has a brilliant cast.” Read the full review.

David-Edward Hughes of Talkin’ Broadway

“Director Arauz’s cast is, to a man, excellent. Wood’s portrayal of Hay paints him as a bombastic, passionate, not particularly likable yet magnetic figure who eventually leaves a business-suited heterosexual façade to be true to himself, donning a wildly colored shawl in the process.” Read the full review.

Jay Irwin of

“Director Roy Arauz has assembled a superb team of actors to tell this story and he and they obviously appreciate the significance of the subject…. this is a solid production of a beautiful work.” Read the full review.

Aaron Skye of Drama in the Hood

“Anyone who appreciates today the dawning acceptance of homosexuals into the social fabric of our country should see this entertaining, emotionally courageous, and inspiringly humble production.” Read the full review.


Dissenting opinion:

Jerry Kraft, Read the review.
Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage – Seattle Rage Read the review.

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