The Hen Night Epiphany Review Roundup

Seattle critics praise The Hen Night Epiphany.

Jacqueline Pruner of Heed the Hedonist

“…lightly comedic at some points and intensely foreboding at others. In the telling of its tale, it reveals the raw emotive state that family members and dear friends all have to experience.” Read the full review.

Nancy Worssam of Arts Stage – Seattle Rage

“…if the play ever does appear on Broadway, it’s cast couldn’t do much better than the five Seattle actresses who take the stage in Arouet’s production, directed by Roy Arauz. In this tiny theatre, on a shoestring production budget, five women give us something we won’t easily forget.” Read the full review.

Scott Taylor of Drama in the Hood

“The best aspect of this show, however, was the tight ensemble feel of it. Every actress was on her game and each gave some strong performances.” Read the full review.

Janette Turner of My Edmonds News

“‘The Hen Night Epiphany’ by Jimmy Murphy is a powerful play with strong performances by the Driftwood TIP players, directed by Roy Arauz of Aurouet Theatre, which co-produced the show” Read the full review.

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