The Devil’s In The Details

We are happy to announce Arouet’s Spring 2014 presentation of David Ives’ Don Juan in Chicago, directed by Seattle newcomer Joshua Jon.

In Don Juan in Chicago — a reworking of the Don Juan and Faust tales — Don Juan is a handsome, rich, sexually naive nobleman in sixteenth-century Spain, more interested in finding the meaning of life through books and alchemy than in women. Afraid he won’t have time to find it, Don Juan calls up the Devil and cuts a deal that grants him immortality—as long as Don Juan seduces a different woman every day. In Chicago 400 years later he grapples with the sexual mores of contemporary urban America as he makes the choice between love and eternal life.

“David Ives’ new play “Don Juan in Chicago”… is fantastically quirky and clever.” — BackStage.

“In “Don Juan in Chicago”, Ives’s ear for crackpot coinages… and mischievous off-key rhymes… is as good as ever”. — The New Yorker.

“Ives has a lively wit… an original mind, and a neatly topsy-turvy way with life’s little realities… [“Don Juan in Chicago”] is a brashly funny way to spend a couple of hours.” — NY Post.

The cast and crew of Don Juan in Chicago will be announced at a later date.

Performance dates: May 16-31, 2014

Performance location: The Ballard Underground, 2220 NW Market Street, Seattle

More information will be forthcoming!

I look forward to sharing more information with you as opening approaches!

Roy Arauz,
Arouet Creative Director

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