Arouet’s 2013 Big Ask

We only ask for money once a year. It’s that time of year.

Over the last three years, we have been growing — both as artists as well as our reach. Our audience has grown exponentially since our first production, and now it’s time for us to take the next step in our development.

Up until now, we have been producing one show at a time, with one production paying for the next in addition to our annual fundraiser. There is so much we want to bring to you, that our next goal is to produce a season of three full-length plays.

Although we have the resources to bring “Don Juan in Chicago” to the Seattle stage, your tax-deductible gift by December 24th will help us finalize our plans for the season, including securing venues and production rights. Once venues and production rights are secured we will be ready to announce the season.

Donate Now at

Goal 1

Once we unlock our first goal of $2,000, we can guarantee a three show season.

Goal 2

Once we unlock our second goal of $3,000, we can guarantee a free show for all audiences at Arts Crush 2014.

Goal 3

To Be Announced when we have completed the first goal.

On behalf of everyone at Arouet, thank you in advance for your generosity,

Roy Arauz
Producing Artistic Director

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