Auditions: Caligula

Arouet is pleased to announce auditions for the world premiere of Christopher Williams’ translation of Albert Camus’ Caligula.

Caligula, an absurdist play written by Nobel-prize winning French philosopher Albert Camus, imagines the rule of the tyrannical Roman emperor Caligula. Distraught by the death of his sister and rumored lover Drusilla, the previously benevolent ruler Caligula returns from a mysterious three-day disappearance haunted by the idea that “men die and they are not happy”. Armed with cold logic and poisoned by contempt, Caligula’s decrees and public spectacles morph from bizarre to horrific as he attempts to impose his new-found ideology upon the world around him.

Arouet’s Caligula will take place in a modern, nationalistic Rome while maintaining Camus’ classically styled dialogue. We plan for a vibrant, poppy, Game of Thrones-esque production that reflects the circus of American politics and the perils of governance by ideology.

Character Breakdown

Caligula (Male, 25-30) – Emperor of Rome. Ambitious, clever, passionate, calculated. More dedicated than mad.
Caesonia (Female, 30 – 35) – Caligula’s mistress. A powerful companion whom is extremely devoted to Caligula. Dominating at times.
Helicon (Male, 30 – 35) – Caligula’s closest and most devoted friend. A somewhat bitter man with a philosophical mind.
Scipio (Male, 18 – 23) – A youthful and inquisitive poet who fawns over Caligula.
Cherea (Male. 30 – 40) – A military man. Actually understands Caligula’s philosophy, unlike most people, but is disgusted by it and sees it as a threat to his own.

THE POLITICIANS – Bureaucratic, generally weaseling and self-interested, naturally conspire against Caligula

Senectus (50 – 80)
Metellus (30 – 60)
Lepidus (30 – 60)
Octavius (30 – 60)
Patricius (35 -60)
Mereia (30 – 60)
Mucius (25-35)

Guards, Poets, Servants, and Knights – May be doublecast

Audition Dates

January 23rd—7:00-10:00PM
January 24th—11:00AM – 2:00PM


January 26th—6:00-10:00PM

Audition Requirements

Please prepare two contrasting monologues totaling no more than 3 minutes. Optionally, one of these monologues should be Greek/Roman/Classical.

Production Dates

Rehearsals will run Tuesday through Thursday 7PM-10:30PM and Saturdays from 11:30AM – 3:00PM March 29th – May 11th at TPS.

Caligula will perform at The Ballard Underground Thursday through Saturday May 12-31st at 7:00PM, with an industry night on Wednesday May 18th and a matinee on Sunday May 22nd.


Email stage manager Sarah Pappin to schedule your audition.


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